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Wednesday Programs

Creating Happy Play Groups & Minimizing Altercations

Fernando Camacho

Do you know why dogs get along so well sometimes, while other times it’s a nightmare? Well, you will after this presentation! Discover the practices you can implement to get the dogs in your play groups on the right track to have a fun time, be polite, and stay out of trouble. Fernando will cover the specific steps you can take to create a harmonious play group and what you need to do when things don’t go according to plan. You’ll also learn how to manage situations when dogs get grumpy and also how to handle dog fights.

How and Why to Pay Employees $15-$20+/Hour (And Stay Profitable)

Laura Laaman

Wages are rising at a feverish pace. And pet care relies on staff. Almost all employees are expecting higher and higher wages, as well as better benefits. And of course business owners deserve a strong return on their financial and emotional investment. Can all of this happen? Yes! Attend this seminar to learn how to not just survive but THRIVE in this crazy, unprecedented environment.

Get Growing: Planning for Growth and Expansion

Ashlee Moore

Are you planning an expansion of your pet care business, or see the opportunity to grow in the future? An expansion does not always require any cash down—SBA allows for the purchase of land to construct a building that the small business will occupy, and CRE loans can be financed with a term of up to 25 years. The SBA has flexible requirements related to equity injection requirements and usually can be less than what a conventional loan would require. In this seminar, the options to expand your pet care business and what would be required in your situation, if you are ready to grow your business, will be covered.

How to Improve the Most Important Part of Your Business: You!

Fernando Camacho

A business is only as good as its leader. However, most people spend lots of time, money, and effort working on their business but forget how important it is to constantly upgrade themselves. Discover how you can make yourself better in every way and see the ripple effects on your pet care business. The result will be a stronger business, happier employees, and a more fulfilled life.

Is Your Online Marketing Leaving You in the Doghouse?

Jon C Coward

Too many businesses in the boarding and daycare industry are needlessly stagnating because they treat online marketing as a passive task that they carry out (reluctantly) with no real strategy or plan for ROI. In this seminar, we are going to use live examples (one of you) to break down what most of you are doing with your internet marketing, why it won't work, and how it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy that can really hurt your business. In other words, you are not saving money—you are losing it!

Comfortable Cats: Feline Enrichment in the Boarding Setting

Elycia Degenhardt

Not sure what makes cats happy? Registered Veterinary Technician and Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional Elycia Degenhardt will discuss cat behavior and ways to make an environment more feline friendly. Learn to better understand a cat's instinctual needs and how to shape a space to better meet those needs.

Reduce That Reactivity!

Dr. Lynne Swanson

Air-biting dogs grasped in their owners’ arms, dogs lunging at others, fence-fighters, and cage sharks…what is the common denominator? All of these circumstances are situational. Change certain aspects and you can encourage a dog’s best, as opposed to his worst. Join Lynne to learn how to use K9-intuitive movement and repositioning to put everyone “on the same team!”

In this two-hour course, participants will learn a positive and practical way to introduce dogs to people, animals, and locations so as not to trigger reactivity. They will also learn how to calmly defuse reactive hand-held dogs and dogs that are overprotective, as well as how to use thoughtful body language to prevent alert-barking in two common situations. In addition, they will better understand the importance of posture, position, movement, and energy when it comes to housing groups of dogs.

Leveraging Technology to Drive Profits

Garret Tadlock

Business owners don't want to work for free, but very few are able to analyze their profits or understand how to improve their bottom line. Pet care businesses have a few different profitability levers, and in this two-hour seminar, we are going to review how technology can improve your business profits through analysis, process, and automation, as well as automate customer retention and optimize labor to improve conversion your key performance metrics

Herd Your Growth: Choosing and Managing the Services You Offer

Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

What happens after the reservations are booked, add-ons are made, and the spa services are scheduled? Join Jennifer as she shares a step-by-step guide to identifying which services to offer, implementing service-specific operational procedures, and managing consistent sales and operations performance. This seminar will benefit startups and established pet care facilities alike.