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Wednesday Programs

Creating a Puppy Program for Your Pet Care Facility

Robin Bennett

What could be more fun than puppies? And making them a profitable part of your business should be a no-brainer. Learn how to create a special program you can offer just for the puppies. This session will cover the important considerations about puppy development, key considerations on handling and socializing puppies, house training tips, class structure and format, and pricing options.

Limiting Anxiety and Stress in the Workplace

Dr. John Boyd

What does stress and anxiety look like in our guests, staff, facilities & operating systems? Where does stress come from? It’s easier to avoid stress & anxiety than it is to manage it. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to manage, minimize and even eliminate certain stress and anxiety, in both guests and staff. Set yourself up for success, eliminate excuses, establish & actively manage PPPs!

Your Client Acquisition Process: Will You Thrive?

Laura Laaman

Even the best businesses lose clients each year. Why? Pet parents move, no longer need your services, or are lured away by your competition. The most successful business owners understand this and recognize it as an opportunity for growth. They work diligently to ensure that each new lead is handled with the same skill used in caring for their guests. If you’re not totally confident that your company consistently turns phone calls, facility tours, and internet leads into reservations, this seminar will change the way you view your business. This is a seminar not to be missed!

Talk Dirty to Me

Chris Quinlan

Join Chris Quinlan for a funny and educational presentation on sanitation in the pet care industry. This class will stress the importance of cleaning in your boarding, grooming, and daycare businesses. Chris will talk about the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. He will go over the basic products needed to get it done right and share some best practices that will save you both time and money. Join us for this entertaining and informative presentation!

The 3 F’s: Pillars to Innovate and Lead for Success

Alex McKinnon

The 3 F’s program will give specific examples from the speaker’s stories to attendees to help them set their own goals. This will include how attendee learning objectives should be SMART, i.e. specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic, and tailored. The 3 Pillars covered will be:

Pillar #1 is faith. The talk covers how to do research, plan, and proceed with faith in yourself, your team, and spiritual source to create your values, culture, and innovation.

Pillar #2 is family and friends. This covers how to strengthen relationships as a trusted source of advice, aid, and wisdom. Also, how to network to build your business. Importantly, how to focus on win-wins and those with whom you love to work.

Pillar #3 is all about fervor. The foundational idea is do only what you love, and don’t settle. We cover how to embrace your passion as a key to innovation and success. Importantly, how to enjoy a life based on gratitude to fuel your persistence.

Taking the Fear Out of Expansion

Mark Moore

Growing your animal care facility is an enormous challenge, and it can be downright scary. Choosing to expand your facility sounds awesome, but often requires a lot of knowledge, planning, energy, and money to make it happen. The good news is that expansion doesn’t have to be so intimidating! With the right innovative strategies and industry partners, you can take your animal care business to the next level with confidence. Join FMD Architects as your animal care architectural expert and let them teach you how to approach expansion fearlessly.

How to Take Your Pet Care Business from Nowhere to Page One

Alain Parcan

Pet care companies know pet care; web marketing pros know web marketing – and learning insider secrets from a group that knows both could increase your profitability! In this seminar, you’ll get the chance to learn their secrets, such as how to 1) Highlight your most profitable services in the RIGHT places; 2) Write content that reads cleanly and relates to your services; 3) Find high quality inbound links. If any of that sounds like gibberish to you, that’s OK! Let Alain, Matt and Doug show you how to implement a plain-English approach that’s been proven to work again and again - with case studies to back it up!

Demystifying Dog Bites: Reducing the Risks by Understanding the Factors

Colleen Pelar

Dogs bites are often described as sudden and unpredictable, but that’s rarely the case. Let’s talk about how, when, and why dogs bite. Knowing what to look for and when to intervene will make your canine clients—and your staff—safer, calmer, and exponentially happier. Knowledge is power.

Integrating the Business Plan and Facility Design

Al Locker

Opening, expanding or remodeling a pet care center involves a lot of decisions. Whether it’s a lease-space build out, or ground-up construction, a good business plan is the foundation for initial and ongoing success. This seminar explores how the business plan and design must be integrated with each other to insure success. Topics discussed will be the business plan and design process, profit centers and their required space and finishes, project sizing, total project cost estimation and operating costs. We’ll review why it is necessary for the business plan to control the design in order for your project to properly cash flow, meet lender debt-coverage standards and provide the desired return of investment for the owner.

Building a Rock Star Staff

Jamie Migdal

The pet industry is huge, recession-proof, and attracts people from all walks of life looking to turn their passion for pets into a business. But when they get there, they find out that managing a staff is really hard. Their employees are often part-time, entry level, and have no formal pet care education. And without the right tools and training made specifically for the pet industry, business owners can experience up to 100% annual staff turnover. The constant upheaval of always needing to find and train new staff can put a screeching halt to your business growth and even ruin your reputation. Join Jamie Migdal as she offers best practices on staff on-boarding and education.

Your Moment! Design, Achieve, Sustain

John Sturgess

In this session you will learn how to follow a well-designed process to achieve your goals, design and champion your business process, achieve success by engaging and empowering your team to build a winning culture, and grow and sustain your business. The three areas of focus will include 1) Design: From the beginning to ongoing design that includes customer, brand, focus & process models, 2) Achieve: Small & big wins through empowerment, engagement & measurement models, and 3) Sustain: Once you reach your goals, be able to sustain them through segmentation, differentiation, growth & reinvention models. You will walk away with an understanding of empowering yourself and engaging your professional teams to maximize your efforts to achieve your goals.

Preventing Respiratory Infectious Disease in Pet Care Facilities

Annette Uda

“I’m requiring the vaccines. I’m doing the cleaning. Why am I still having outbreaks?” Dog flu, canine cough, and other airborne respiratory infectious diseases can shut down a facility for weeks – and impact your business reputation indefinitely. Even if you have vaccine and surface cleaning protocols in place, you’re still missing a key prevention aspect – cleaning the air. In this session, we discuss exactly how these diseases spread and how they can be mitigated. We’ll go beyond vaccines and typical surface cleaning methods to best protect your business and the animals in your care.