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Wednesday Programs

Overwhelmed And Overworked? Your Plan for More Sanity, Happiness & Success

Fernando Camacho

Running a business is a crazy roller coaster ride with lots of responsibilities and a seemingly endless supply of urgent fires to put out. Learn some tools that will help you deal with everything and create a plan to make you happier and more productive. If you feel stressed, exhausted and burnt out, you need this NOW.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Garret Tadlock

We track and record hundreds of data points every day when running pet care businesses. Unfortunately, most companies fail to analyze and understand how the data highlights missed revenues and wasted labor hours. In this session, we will focus on taking action from some of the key metrics driving profitability in boarding, daycare, grooming and training services.

Professional Pet Boarding Certification: Managing Group Play

Sara Beth Pinson

Managing group play in a pet care facility is no easy task and one that requires extensive training and your undivided attention in order to keep all dogs and staff safe. In this four-hour certification course, Sara Beth will walk you through the basics of managing group play in a pet care facility or daycare environment. The main topics covered in this course include, the role of play group leaders, play behaviors & play styles, group dog play, evaluating dogs, and managing high-risk events safely. This course is essential for any play group managers, leaders, and staff members. A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.

Post-Pandemic Revenue Building Musts

Laura Laaman

Due to lack of travel, the pet care industry suffered a huge revenue shock. Government programs like PPP were helpful, but now what? Owners who are committed to thrive will be able to do so if they implement and maintain new and necessary revenue building strategies. This seminar will help owners adapt their businesses to not just survive, but thrive in this new environment. Learn the secrets that have helped grow multimillion dollar pet care businesses throughout North America.

Change Management: Operating through Growth, Construction and Unforeseen Circumstances

Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

In this session, Jennifer will walk you through an interactive case study of the process of a major pet resort remodel, as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly of the process from an operational perspective. Attendees will gain the tools needed to plan for events such as these which may be necessary and even exciting; but at the same time overwhelming to deal with. Jennifer will also discuss how these processes can be built upon and used for startup businesses, as well as those looking to add additional services to their existing business or those facing complete remodeling.

Dog Marketing Think Tank

Fernando Camacho

Having the best business in the world is meaningless unless you know how to let people know about it AND convince them that you are worth spending their money on over all the competition. Discover some creative ways to get in front of people, nurture them so that they are ready to buy and create an army of happy customers who will refer everyone they know to you.

Dollars, Headaches and Alcohol: Understanding The True Costs of Hiring and Retaining Employees

Phillip Paris

One of the most often overlooked expenses a business will incur is the expense of finding, hiring and retaining good employees. Many times this process is mired with ineffective hiring practices and new employee training that leads to repetitive turnover and lots of management headaches. Join Phillip as he highlights how your hiring and management of pet care employees may be draining your bank account. He’ll also share with you his best tips for creating an efficient process for hiring, training and retaining your employees that can lead to a happier, more well-balanced workplace!