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Wednesday Programs

Dog Daycare Personality Types (and How To Deal With Them)

Fernando Camacho

You’re exposed to quite a cast of characters when working in dog daycare. There are so many different kinds of dogs, all of which have different likes and sensitivities, and they all require different approaches when working with them. In this seminar, Fern will go over the most common dog personality types that you see in daycare, and how to deal with them to keep everyone happy and safe in your playgroups.

Are You Ready for a Recession or a Rebound?

Laura Laaman

We've faced a lot—the pandemic, crazy travel booms, and an ongoing staffing crisis—but to survive and thrive this roller coaster and come out ahead, successful businesses must execute additional strategies to achieve business success. Providing great pet care is simply not enough anymore! Don't miss this timely seminar to ensure your business is well positioned for likely challenges and to achieve the success you deserve.

How to Hold Staff Accountable with Love

Eve Molzhon

Learn how to hold your staff accountable...with love! This seminar will provide talking points to use with your team. In addition, Eve will discuss how to utilize tone, how to choose your words wisely, and how to explain the who, what, when, where, and why. You can empower your staff so they don't feel like every time you speak to them, it's a negative thing. Learn how to make your team feel included and have ownership versus just being an employee.

There’s a Procedure for That!

Lora Bacharach

Join Lora for this one-hour breakdown of how to turn any chaos that occurs with pet care into a procedure. She will help you work through some of those hard-to-deal-with, day-to-day struggles and build coherent, easy-to-follow processes that can be followed through by you and your staff. Bring a positive flow to your work environment with this “There’s a Procedure for That” outlook!

Legacy Planning 101 for Pet Resort Owners

Eyal Cohen

If you are thinking of leaving this industry either now or in the future, then this seminar is for you. Some owners are fortunate to have their children ready, willing, and able to perform the hard work it takes to run a pet resort, but most owners don’t have that luxury. Another option is to close the business, leaving nothing behind but many years of hard work and a void in the community. The best option is to sell your business to someone already in this industry who you can partner with to bring the business to the next level. In this seminar, Eyal will share his advice and experience about what metrics are important, what buyers are looking to acquire, and steps you can take today to make your business more desirable to a buyer and more profitable for you when you are ready to sell.

More Bang for Your Buck with Cats & Puppies

Suzanne Locker & Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

You don’t have to be a cat whisperer or a dog trainer to successfully care for these two highly profitable and often overlooked revenue streams. In this seminar, Suzanne and Jennifer will dig into the benefits of adding cat lodging and/or a puppy program to your facility. You will gain the tools needed to navigate through potential barriers to success, and walk away with a clear operational plan to provide consistent, quality care that will add to your bottom line.

Is Your Brand Protected? Intellectual Property Law for Your Pet Care Business

Shahrina Ankhi-Krol

In this seminar, Rising Star Super Lawyer Shahrina Ankhi-Krol will explain how Intellectual Property Law (mainly, trademark and copyright) plays a crucial role in protecting pet boarding and daycare brands. Attendees will learn the basics of trademark and copyright laws; how the laws can be utilized to protect their business name, logo, and slogan to prevent brand identity theft by competitors; and how to protect their brands on social media. Real world examples of Intellectual Property Law infringement will be presented, as well as practical tips on minimizing chances of brand identity theft. Attendees will also receive bonus tips on engaging independent contractors for their businesses without jeopardizing their brand’s identity.

Understanding Canine Body Language

Susan Briggs & Kari Campbell

When you are fluent in dog language, your job as a pet care provider will be interesting and fulfilling, and your center will have healthier and happier pets, resulting in satisfied loyal clients for your business. During this seminar, you will discover how to read dog body language and recognize safe, cautious and dangerous emotional states; know when a dog is enjoying or tolerating interactions; recognize common stress signals and take action to reduce the threat; and react appropriately to aggressive displays.

Optimizing the Customer Journey

Garret Tadlock

We all want to exceed our customer expectations and build brand advocates. We all want more new customers, and we all want our existing customers to come in our doors more often. However, understanding the different paths pet parents take to discover, engage, and advocate for your brand is essential to exceeding their expectations. In this two-hour seminar, you’ll learn how to identify the steps a customer takes to discover your business by mapping your customers’ journeys, and how to guide them through by designing a plan that supports your business’s goals and optimizes their journey with you.