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Tuesday Programs

Staff Onboarding for Higher Retention

Susan Briggs & Kari Campbell

Did you know your onboarding process has a dramatic effect on your retention? Are you looking at a revolving door of turnover with your team? Do you get frustrated hiring people only to have them ghost you after just a few days? Do you want to learn the best practices great facilities are using to train AND retain a high-performing team? Join Susan and Kari in this session and discover the secret to creating an onboarding process that your team will want to complete; why the first few weeks at a new job set the stage for retention; the secret to providing feedback that doesn’t stress out your employees; and how to create an ongoing feedback loop with your team that they will love.

Choice Overload: Materials, Construction Options and Costs

Al Locker & Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

Join Al and Jennifer as they go through the material hot topics, and identify and outline material and construction needs for new builds, remodels, and expansions. The supply chain has impacted availability, cost, and timelines substantially in the post-pandemic era. They will discuss the opportunity costs as well as pros and cons associated the vast choices of flooring, enclosures, turf, ventilation, sanitation, and much more. With this seminar, you will gain the tools necessary to prioritize pet health, maintain visual appeal, and work within your budget!

Class is in Session: Creating a Dog School Program

Eve Molzhon

Dog school is a great way to add revenue through a new program for dogs that may not necessarily be daycare appropriate. You're not a dog trainer? No worries! You already have most of the knowledge by owning and operating a dog daycare, and your staff are knowledgeable as dog handlers. You can add a dog school program with just an open suite for the dog to hang out, a slip lead, and treats. Creating a program at a higher price point brings you more revenue and is a great way to promote your rock-star employees! This seminar will provide all the info you need to create and run a successful, profitable dog school program.

Building Your Dream: Finance, Design & Construction Unleashed!

Jeff Adney, Claire Cronin, Brandy Keck & Eric Doering

In this jam-packed, four-hour presentation, you will hear from leading industry experts on how to properly select, design, and build the pet care facility of your dreams! Some of the topics covered will include securing a site, building a budget for your project, leasehold property vs. purchasing property, SBA vs. conventional lending (structuring a loan to finance your facility), current design trends, contractor selection, industry standards, equipment options, flooring options, and how to Integrate it all to create the ideal pet care facility. If you’re thinking of opening a facility of your own, this is one not to miss!

Handler Bootcamp: Be Better for Our Canines

Lora Bacharach

This behavior-based workshop is geared towards handling skills with a focus on behavior, how a dog learns, proper play styles, ways to play, how dogs handle stress, social interactions, and how to read/handle the dogs attending your programs. During this four-hour workshop, you will learn about yourself as a handler in your facility and how the dogs attending the programs interpret you. Get ready to have some “aha” moments and dig into who you are. This is a very interactive workshop that gets you out of your chair and moving around the room to think more like a canine and less like a human. Lora will cover the science behind play styles, ways to keep both employees and canines safe during play sessions, and achieve a better understanding of how our clients learn. Come jump into you as a handler and how you relate to the dogs you surround yourself with each day and learn how to be the best you can be for them. This interactive workshop will have you walking away with a refreshed outlook to go back to your facility with and apply right away.

Your Dog Daycare Marketing Blueprint

Fernando Camacho

Every business needs marketing. It’s what brings customers, drives repeat business, and helps you achieve long-term success. Join Fern to learn the proven process to continually keep your business full of customers, how to turn them into raving fans, and position your brand as the number one choice for dog services in your area. In this comprehensive, four-part seminar, Fern will cover the following:

Hour 1) Strengthening Your Foundation
Learn how to optimize and improve your digital assets.

Hour 2) Marketing Success Systems
Learn the simple formulas that will lead to greater results.

Hour 3) Types of Marketing Campaigns
Discover the different ways you can bring new customers in and position your company as the best.

Hour 4) Organic and Paid Campaign Examples
See real-world examples of successful marketing campaigns and how to use them in your business.

Plus, plenty of Q&A time so you can get all your questions answered!