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Tuesday Programs

Medical Must-Knows for Boarding Staff

Dr. Kate Boatright

Join a practicing veterinarian to discuss some of the most commonly prescribed medications that your boarders may by receiving, including insulin, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs), allergy, and heart medications. We will discuss must-know facts about these medications and the conditions they are prescribed to treat. Monitoring of pets will be discussed as well as potential emergencies that may arise. This session will serve as a general guide for staff who may be handling and administering medications and monitoring pets during their stay at a boarding facility. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions about medications and conditions they have seen in their daily work.

Optimizing Your Business Workshop: How to Get More Out of Your Dog Daycare

Fernando Camacho

In this interactive presentation, you’ll not only learn some valuable ways to better understand and grow your dog daycare business, but you’ll also come away with actionable items to implement in your business when you get home. Together with Fernando, you’ll determine different metrics in your business, as well as create marketing campaigns and tools that you can implement immediately. You’ll also learn how to find the perfect customers, know exactly how much you can spend on marketing, how to increase profit in your business, and increase loyalty and retention.

Being Relevant in a Changing World

Phillip Paris

Today’s marketplace is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of today’s consumer. And with many different influences being placed upon businesses and its employees, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how we should manage our business to meet the needs of our clients. Many businesses are missing some key ingredients that are limiting their success and creating frustration along the way. In this presentation, Phillip will deliver some key principles that can be implemented immediately to create some positive changes for any business; whether a startup or celebrating 15 years! His innovative and humorous approach to business will leave attendees with relevant and actionable information that can immediately transform any business to a higher level!

Reinvent Your Business, Optimize Your Life

Eric Beck

Part 1) How to Future-Proof Your Business

In this workshop, we’ll discover the best revenue models for ensuring your business is profitable in any economy. We’ll look at reducing your #1 expense while maximizing your true assets so that you get away from the feast/famine revenue roller coaster which is so common in our industry, and move towards a new model that brings security and financial consistency.

Part 2) Systems that Bring Sanity

Building on Part 1, this session will give you the basis for a business that runs itself. There are 5 Essentials for systemizing your business and life so they work together. These systems are what enable business owners to implement the future-proofing strategy from part 1. Find out what they are and how to use them.

Hiring and Retention in a Post-Pandemic World

Amber Burckhalter

Post-lockdown, the pet community is actively building back up to their new normals. Pet services such as lodging and daycare are seeing pre-pandemic numbers or higher in many areas. The impact of a changing economic landscape and workforce have businesses scrambling to hire to meet this growing client need. Additionally, businesses find themselves in a quandary on how to retain employees who may be looking to make big lifestyle changes. This presentation will explore both traditional and not-so-traditional options to find and hire new team members. Included in this discussion is retention strategies of existing teams and dissection of companies that are succeeding at hiring and retention. Attendees will leave with key strategies to implement quickly within their companies and teams.

Behavior Skill-Building: Improving Your K9 Game

Lynne Swanson

People often equate canine behavior to training and socialization, but while both are important, the big picture is that much of a dog’s behavior, moment-to-moment, comes down to communication! What sets the people who really know dogs apart from all who “love” and “have” them is the ability to communicate using K9-intuitive postures, positioning, movement and energy (PPME). Not getting the behavior you want? A simple change of posture or position may be all you need. Want to foster a dog’s calmest focus and follow-ship, relax reactive individuals and turn problem children into valued pets? Canine-intuitive movement and the right energy helps!

In this four-hour program, participants will learn how dogs view their personal body language, how to use canine-intuitive PPME that puts dogs at ease and sets them up for success, and also good ways to use their voice (and several ways not to). In addition, participants will gain tools to be better able to counsel clients with behaviorally problematic dogs.