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Tuesday Programs

Heroes for Healthy Pets

Dr. Madeleine Stahl

The Heroes for Healthy Pets Certification in Infectious Disease Management is a program sponsored by Barkleigh, The International Boarding and Pet Services Association, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), and Pet Sitters, International. The Heroes for Healthy Pets Certification is open to all pet and veterinary professionals. To become certified, both modules must be completed and the certification examination must be passed.

Part 1) Understanding Infectious Disease

This seminar will discuss common transmissible diseases of dogs, including pathogens of CIRDC (canine infectious respiratory disease complex- including dog flu), Leptospirosis, Parvo, and Distemper. The lecture will give an overview of the incidence rate, how to recognize the clinical signs of illness and how to recognize signs of illness in dogs, and prevention. Management of outbreaks in group environments such as kennels and doggie daycares and options for prevention, including vaccination and sanitation protocols will also be discussed.

Part 2) Effective Infectious Disease Control

To remain competitive in this market, pet professional businesses must keep their pet owners happy and this means keeping pets healthy. In 2016, leading experts on infectious disease developed a consensus statement to recommend best practices for pet care and safety for pet professional businesses such as kennels, veterinary facilities, doggie daycares, dog walkers, groomers, and training facilities. This program covers the topic of best practices of sanitation and prevention of infectious disease spread.

First Aid for Your Facility

Dr. John Boyd

When caring for other peoples’ pets, you must be prepared, lives are at stake & reputations are in the balance. In this two-hour program, you will learn the five stages of First Aid (identify, control, comfort, clean, stabilize), as well as Secondary Aid. In addition, communication, documentation, transportation and follow through will be covered. Some examples of specific situations that will be covered are bloat, torn ligaments, fractures, neurological problems, torn foot pads and toe nails, abrasions, cuts, bites, hot spots and happy tail. First Aid is not veterinary care but this is necessary information for anyone caring for pets in a professional environment.

Designing Your Doggie Day Care

Greg Taylor, Robin Bennett & Susan Briggs

Doggie daycare has become an important part of the pet boarding business. This is a change from 10, and certainly 15 years ago when daycare was not popular and difficult to find. The vast majority of pet resorts being built today incorporate doggie daycare and older facilities are redesigning or adding on to offer the service. It is an attractive way to add additional revenue and build tighter bonds with customers. This presentation will focus on what issues to think about when building a daycare area in a facility. Daycare design expert, Greg Taylor will team up with “The Dog Gurus”, Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs to cover space requirements, flooring options, staffing ratios, cleaning systems, construction materials, design and more. The audience will have time at the end to ask questions.

Understanding What Metrics Drive Your Business

Garret Tadlock

Business owners can become so overwhelmed with the day to day operations that they often times don’t know how to start working ON their business. In this interactive session you will learn what thriving facilities are measuring and how these indicators can enable your staff to drive profitability, deliver the highest quality of care & create happier brand advocates out of clients.

Form and Function: A Round Table on Facilities

Dr. John Boyd & Panel of Industry Experts

Get all your questions answered in this four-hour, all-encompassing round table discussion on facilities. Whether you are building new, expanding, renovating or just need some info on upkeep - you’ll learn it all here and come away knowing how to get the most out of your facility. Your questions will be answered by industry experts; from animal care facility designers to multi-facility owners - these people know their stuff. There will be a focus on how design and space planning relates to operational flow. Other items covered will be Drains vs. no drains, Cages, kennels, suites & bedrooms vs. common space, Flooring, ventilation, sound attenuation and a thousand other things. Bring your questions and be ready to pick the brains of the best of the best in the animal care industry!

Total Integration: Mastering the Management of Business

Eric Beck

In this hands-on workshop & round table, we will help you refine and produce strategic procedures to enhance the management of the most important aspects of your facility: People, Money, and Facility with the following focus areas: Managing & Hiring for Performance (including millennials), Growing Managers and Team Leaders, Developing Motivational Goals, and Automating Effective Facility Management Strategies. You’ll hear from facility owners at the top of their game - their challenges and solutions!

Professional Pet Boarding Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Certification

Laura Laaman & Dr. Madeleine Stahl

Canine Cough and Canine Influenza are now common occurrences in most pet care facilities. In fact, they’re nearly as common as the common cold in human daycares. This certification course has the most up to date information and is designed for pet care facility owners, managers, and staff to educate them on the causes, prevention and treatment of these illnesses, as well as how to respond to an outbreak.

Causes of Bordetella, Parainfluenza, Adenovirus, and Influenza will be explored, and attendees will learn about the transmission and symptoms of each. A look into how veterinarians diagnose and treat these diseases will help attendees identify and understand them, and also learn about the different vaccine types, their effectiveness, and the latest facility disinfection protocols.

Outbreak response & management will also be covered, and attendees will learn what to do when there are active cases of these diseases in their communities, how to respond to an outbreak in their facilities, and learn the best prevention methods as well as how & when to contact veterinarians and pet parents.

Valuable handouts will be provided, including: How, when, and why to notify pet parents when a disease is confirmed in your area or facility, Canine Cough handouts for pet parents and employees, Canine Flu handouts for pet parents and employees, Daily cleaning & disinfecting charts, and Outbreak response protocols. At the end of the course you will receive directions on how to complete the test and receive the certificate for this course, which will be done online.

Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop

Laurie Wagner

Calm the crazy, build up the timid, and reduce barking, jumping, humping & marking. This four-hour, three-part program is designed to help dog professionals help & retain more dogs - and make more money!

Part 1) Through the Dog’s Eyes

This interactive session provides a unique insight into the dog’s perspective and will be an eye-opening change to the way you interact with dogs. If you want to prevent dog bites, you need to learn - and be able to teach your staff how the dogs see you.

Part 2) Can You Speak Dog?

Dogs are primal creatures and to deny that is foolish. You could spend time teaching individual dogs how to understand human language (traditional obedience training) or you can take the time and initiative to learn their language. In this session, you will learn the keys to understanding what they’re trying to tell us and what messages our body language is sending to them. Our movements are telling them things - don’t you want to know what message is being sent?

Part 3) Blending in the Fringe

In this two-hour session, you will learn the process of slowing down the bold and bringing out the timid. This system will allow you to keep/better manage the problem dogs, therefore making more money. This session will include Laurie’s “Daycare Rules” for humans, as well as what good play looks/sounds like, hiring processes that work, what their pre-eval & eval process looks like, and what their policies are to ensure a safe environment for dogs & staff.