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Thursday Programs

Five Strategies to Increase Revenue Without Changing Your Prices

Susan Briggs & Kari Campbell

During COVID, we learned that diversification in businesses was critical, and now we are seeing the effect of inflation and increases in staff wages. In this seminar, Robin and Susan will discuss the best strategies for growing your revenue, even in the midst of a recession. You will discover two strategies that can increase revenue from your current service offerings; how to understand your revenue per pet so you can increase it without adding new clients; why your discounts can affect your cash flow and how to put more money in your pocket without increasing your pricing; and three new revenue streams you can add with little effort and no additional staffing.

Cleaning Protocols Designed for Pet Boarding & Daycare

Mel Forbes

The goal of this seminar is to share simplified sanitation practices designed for every type of boarding or daycare facility. Mel will discuss how to pick the right products for cleaning/disinfecting, odor control, laundry, indoor and outdoor turf, bowl washing and drain maintenance. This seminar will also take an important look at OSHA Compliance and the best tools to create a safe, healthy environment for the staff and animals in your care. If you are brand new to this industry or you are a seasoned professional, this class has been designed for you.

Is Your Business Aging In Dog Years?

Phil Miller

The pet industry is rapidly changing, and it may seem like your business ages in dog years as you rush to keep up. In this seminar, Phil Miller teaches you how to keep your business young by sharing interesting anecdotes and experiences from his last 16 years as the CEO of a rapidly growing chain of pet resorts. He advocates for a "Silicon Valley" mentality, with a focus on rapidly iterating in an effort to find product-market fit while removing roadblocks in the way of innovation. He challenges you to reflect on new initiatives to help your business avoid irrelevance and obsolescence.

Honor Your Companion, Build Your Journey

Lora Bacharach

During this one-hour seminar, you will learn how to be your best self for our canine companions. By having the understanding of who a dog is as an individual, we can find the answers to why they display certain behaviors. A hound will find fulfillment through their nose, where an Australian Shepherd will find fulfillment in a game of treibball. How can we as handlers, caretakers, and leaders of the industry be the best for our companions? It’s simple; honor who they are as a whole, while mastering some of the basics.

15 Impactful Marketing Tactics to Drive New Revenue for Your Pet Care Business

John Seal

In this fast-paced seminar, you’ll discover the 15 most impactful marketing tactics to set your pet care services apart from the competition. Tactics include using simple but effective social media strategies, leveraging customer reviews to win new bookings, and the best ways to measure your marketing to keep those dollars accountable. Learn how to apply these principles in your pet care business to generate more clients and drive new bookings. Time will be allotted for participants to ask questions about their marketing tactics and get expert advice on how to improve performance and drive more revenue.

This Is a Career! Leveraging Paths to Advancement in Pet Care

Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

Staff recruiting and retention is a global topic for businesses—both inside and outside of pet care. Shifting your own perceptions of the positions you offer and mindfully communicating clear paths to advancement will attract stellar candidates. It is time to stop thinking of pet care positions as “entry level” and instead as professional positions that team members can, and should, make a career out of. Engage your existing team members and strengthen your clients’ satisfaction! Learning objectives include: shifting the perception of technician positions from labor to skilled career paths; developing and communicating clear paths to advancement for team members at all levels; and marketing the investment you make in your team to potential employees and clientele.

Creating a Disney-like Pet Care Business

Fernando Camacho

We can all agree that the Walt Disney Company is pretty successful. They have grown into the one of the largest businesses with the most loyal customers, bested all the competition, and grow bigger each year. How would you like to have a business like that? Learn exactly what Disney does that makes them so special and how you can implement their tactics into your pet care business.

The Story KPIs Tell

Teija Heikkilä

Every business has a story, and Key Performance Indicators tell it. Is the business profitable or not? Sellable or not? What contributes to its success or failure? How does it stack up against others in the industry? This seminar will simplify the KPIs from what payroll percentage should be, how much you should spend on rent, what profit margins are standard, and how KPIs affect business value—all of this in a hard-hitting, simplified form. Get ready to learn the KPIs of your business and write its future story!

How to Leverage the SBA to Finance Your Next Acquisition or Expansion

Ashlee Moore

With interest rates rising, how do you know if a deal is good or not? How do you know if you’re ready for an expansion? This seminar will provide strategies for successful acquisitions and expansions. Join Ashlee to learn about options for financing with SBA, the advantages of expansions from a lender’s perspective, and overcoming higher interest rates. This is an exciting program where you will learn more about your path to success.