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Thursday Programs

The Ecosystem of a Growing Pet Resort: Add-Ons & Complimentary Services

Alyson Fisher

This presentation will explore easy ways to grow your pet resort without taking up more real estate! We will take a look at how your business can grow through add-on services, complimentary services, and how to manage these services. We will also examine the classic 80/20 rule and find out how to serve your existing customer base by maximizing your available services and driving your revenue at the same time. Your customers are telling you what they want, but are you listening?

The Top 5 Disinfection Myths in Pet Boarding & Daycare Facilities

Selena Gagnon

Over the years, the infection prevention landscape within animal care facilities has changed drastically and there has been a larger focus on improving infection prevention standards. Also, during this time, there has been a lot of misconceptions when it comes to disinfection. In this presentation, Selena Gagnon will address the top 5 disinfection myths that we have encountered in pet boarding and daycare facilities, and bring you the facts that will help you create a safe and germ-free environment for your staff and the animals in your care.

Are You Adequately Covered? Pet Business Risk Management & Insurance 101

David Pearsall & Laura Bridges

All businesses need to know their risks and exposures, and pet boarding and daycare facilities are no exception! With over 50 combined years of experience in providing risk management and insurance to the pet industry, David Pearsall, CIC, CWCA, and Laura Bridges, CISR, know this to be true! What are the exposures/risks that every pet boarding or daycare business should be aware of? Join David and Laura as they answer this question and more in an exciting and informative presentation.

We’re in the Poop Business! Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities to Boost Company Culture

Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

DOGS! Potential employees apply at pet care facilities to play with fluffy dogs and cuddly cats all day. However, reality can be staggeringly far from our talent pool’s perceptions. In this session, you will gain tools to help you clarify and outline roles and responsibilities, ignite passion in your team for those not-so-fun things (like cleaning and discussing substances that come out of pets—from both ends), all while boosting your company culture to new heights! If you love pets and want to improve your leadership skills, you don’t want to miss this fun, interactive seminar!

Dog Behavior and Client Communication

Kari Campbell

Communication is everything when it comes to having happy dogs and happy clients at your facility. This session is focused on tactics to communicate dog behavior to your clients in appropriate and transparent ways. We will look at what is inappropriate dog behavior, how to track inappropriate dog behaviors, and what to do with the information. Also learn techniques and best practices on how to turn dreaded conversations into loyal customers and more revenue.

How to Create Exploding Customer Loyalty in Your Pet Business

Fernando Camacho

Too many businesses are focused on bringing in new customers, but the biggest opportunity for long-term growth is with your existing customer base. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to improve the relationship you have with your customers so that they buy more, stay with you for longer, and refer you to everyone they know. You’ll also learn how you can turn your customers into raving fans who feel more connected to your business and will never think about going to a competitor.

The Doggy Daycare Membership Blueprint: A Guaranteed Recurring Revenue Stream for Your Business

Dominic Hodgson

What if there was a way to stand out from the crowd and elevate your pet business above the competition, increase client retention, boost profits, and throw a cloak of exclusivity around your business? There is, and that’s exactly what happens when you add a recurring revenue membership to your pet care operation! Join Dom Hodgson, the Pet Biz Wiz, as he shares the fool-proof membership roll-out plan, complemented by real-life examples of daycare clients who embraced a “members only” model, and achieved extraordinary results. After you've attended this seminar, the only question you'll be asking is, “Why didn't we do this sooner??”

Eliminating Marketing Waste in Your Pet Care Business

Bill Reinhart

To stay competitive, daycare, boarding, grooming, and training businesses need to use several different avenues to market their offerings. Today’s current marketing climate has made marketing easily accessible, but also makes it easy to waste money on tactics that aren’t driving results. This workshop will highlight the top ways pet businesses waste money on marketing, how to eliminate that waste, and also how to spend money on efforts that drive results. Bill will review relevant and actionable tactics you can implement immediately to eliminate waste in your marketing budgets and lower your cost per pet parent acquisition.