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Thursday Programs

Fetch the Good Life by Operating a Sustainable Pet Business

Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

Do you ever feel alone, frustrated, afraid or confused as a pet business owner? If yes - know that you are not alone. In this seminar you will discover the 10 Steps to Sustainability that will help your business move forward, increase your pay and avoid burn-out. Ensure you are on track to have it all: a profitable business AND a balanced lifestyle with time off and real vacations.

Attendees will identify the current stage for your business and the obstacles that may be holding you back, learn strategies for working on your business and delegating effectively to your team, discover shortcuts that help you systemize your operations to save time and obtain consistency, and find solutions to issues that keep your staff from becoming the high performing team of your dreams.

The Smell of Success

Mel Forbes

One of the top criteria pet owners use when choosing a Daycare or Boarding facility is what does it smell like? In this class we will discuss odor control management and which odor control products work the best, the importance of cleaning HVAC intake vents, hair and fur removal, and artificial turf maintenance. Mel will also share solutions on how that “clean smell” can be achieved without overwhelming perfumed products. If the “smell of success” is what you’re after, come learn how 30 years of proven animal care cleaning solutions can help you reach that goal.

Turning Customer Service into Customer (and Business) Success

Jamie Migdal

Let’s face it - there is a LOT of competition in pet care services. The industry is full of startups, franchises, and well-funded, on-demand pet sitting platforms. So how can you make sure your business doesn’t get lost in the crowd? It’s all about customer success. Anyone can answer phones or lock up at the end of the evening, but the thing that will keep your clients coming back for more is the quality of care that you provide to both pets and their people. Join FetchFind CEO and pet industry entrepreneur Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA, as she goes through some of the toughest customer questions and how you can turn worst-case scenarios into fierce customer loyalty and glowing reviews.

The Great Vaccine Debate

Dr. Dana Koch

This discussion will focus on designing a vaccine protocol that fits your boarding facility. Vaccines are important to protect both pets and their human counterparts and with the proper information on types of vaccines, frequency of administration and exceptions to vaccine recommendations, you can be well-educated in the eye of your clients.

Safe and Fun Off-Leash Play Groups

Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

Gain confidence to work effectively with groups of dogs and improve your ability to manage off-leash play safely. In this seminar, Robin and Susan will discuss key qualities and tools used by effective play group leaders, common dog play styles and matching appropriate playmates together, recognizing common traits of good play, management tools for confident or challenging dogs, and how to intervene safely when dogs display inappropriate behaviors.

Not All Income Streams Are Created Equal

Teija Heikkilä

Revenue is revenue, right?? NO!!! Not all income streams (boarding, training, grooming, daycare, in-home services, etc.) are created equal, whether it be for immediate profitability or building business value for future exit. Learn what revenues are desirable, which ones are undesirable and how to turn the undesirables into profit centers!

Purrfect Cat Lodging: Adding or Increasing an Overlooked Profit Center

Suzanne Locker

Want to add cat lodging in your center or grow your existing cat business? Learn how to attract the best cat owners with functional and appealing accommodations for their cats. Suzanne discuss the best practices and how to make your cat lodging enjoyable and stress-free for all of your cat guests, as well as increasing profitability!

Franchise vs. Start-Up: Which One Works for You?

Steven Parker

Are you tired of working for someone else and you want to start your own business, but don’t know if you should do it from scratch or buy a franchise? In this seminar, Steven Parker, who is a nationally renowned pet care expert with over 20 years of industry experience, will discuss the pros and cons to each business model and help you decide which might work best for you.

The Good, the Bad, and the Furry

Dr. Dana Koch

This program will cover different considerations and techniques when working with a variety of pets. There are special ways to work with the young, the old, pets with health conditions, and those with anxiety issues. Explore the ways in which following certain tips you can make your clients’ overall boarding experience a positive one.

Common Construction Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Mark Moore

In this seminar, you will learn about common challenges that arise before, during and after construction projects are completed, and how to prevent them from happening. These can apply to leasehold improvements, interior renovations, additions or new construction. Taking away a few nuggets of knowledge can save you time, dollars and frustration.

Stretch, Don’t Snap: Staying Resilient, Healthy & Energized

Colleen Pelar

Working with animals (and their people) can be exhausting and overwhelming. Many talented people fall victim to burnout and compassion fatigue, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn the factors that make everyone at risk and identify the strategies that will help you stay happy, flexible, and energized.