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Wednesday Programs

How To Fail A Dog Without Alienating The Owners And Other Difficult Conversations

Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

How do you balance honesty about the dogs with the sensitive feelings of the pet parent in a way that doesn’t completely open you up to harassment or negative publicity? Learn the ins and outs of effective communication about evaluations and other touchy issues when you have challenging information to share.

In this session, you’ll discover how you define your evaluation process determines the ease of talking to your client, the importance of practicing your conversations in advance, strategies to keeping your clients happy even when you have difficult news to tell them, words to use and avoid, why talking less is sometimes better, and ways to allow the owner to listen better.

Web Marketing 2017: Simple Keys To Unlocking Maximum Profitability

Alain Parcan

Your Website should be the foundation of any marketing strategy, online and offline. Whether people learned about your business from a friend or found you online, chances are they’re going to take a look at your Website before calling you. Make sure your Website has the five features that Google – and potential customers – are looking for!

This two-hour marketing coaching session is designed to help you understand everything from basic Website fundamentals, up to more intricate, new, and timely strategies. Join Market Hardware’s Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing, and Mike Civetti, Senior Pet Care Consultant, as they provide tips, secrets, answers and more!

They will also help you schedule out your Social Media posts and talk about some of their Email Newsletter strategies that have been successful in the pet care industry. Make sure you bring a pen and paper while learning about our ‘90/10’ rule as it pertains to both Social Media and Email Newsletters!

Insights For A Successful Design And Construction Project

Mark Moore & Melanie Friedman

This 4 hour session will be a comprehensive look into the steps of a building design. We will take a look into how to get started on the right foot to make the process into a positive impact on your business and your clients. We will talk about the common hurdles that you will encounter and how to overcome them, how to select a team and then delve into the proper layout and finishes of your facility. The session will then end with a question and answer segment with our experts. You should leave this session fully prepared to start a project that will be better organized and started down a positive path of success.

Hour 1) How to Get Started

Have you been thinking about a construction project and how it can be a positive impact on your business, but are not sure what to do first? Considering a project can be daunting, but there are easy steps that can be followed to give you the confidence to make important decisions and get yourself started on the right foot. Believe it or not, this process can be exciting and fun if you are prepared and have the right tools.

Hour 2) Common Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Learn about common challenges that arise before, during and after construction projects are completed and how to prevent them from happening. These can apply to leasehold improvements, interior renovations, additions or new construction. Taking away a few nuggets of knowledge can save you time, dollars and frustration.

Hour 3) Selecting Your Dream Team

Surrounding yourself with the right professionals can make a world of difference to the success of your project. Learn how to assess what scope of services and type of contract your project needs. Knowing the right questions to ask potential architects, builders, and lenders will also help determine which teammates will be the best fit for you.

Hour 4) Choosing the Proper Layout and Finishes for Your Facility

A proper layout will give you an efficient flow for your staff’s daily operations and will give a more positive experience to your clientele. Additionally, choosing the right (or wrong) materials can have a huge impact on the longevity and functionality of your facility. Learn what options are available and how to prioritize where to consider spending dollars that will produce a return on your investment through your operations, maintenance and repair costs.

Attracting, Developing, & Retaining Exceptional Animal Care Staff

Sara Beth Pinson & Amanda Crook

Gone are the days when one person can take care of 60 dogs staying in indoor/outdoor runs. With social play, pet care centers now need lots of staff. They find themselves on a constant search for strong team members and then struggle with the best way to train new hires and retain fully trained dependable staff for the long term.

Part 1)

We will focus on attracting and training new employees. Staffing a facility with engaged, hardworking, animal-loving employees starts with attracting the best applicants to your business through effectively advertising open positions and creating a business where people want to work. Specifically, we will discuss the following: Evaluating applicants through the prescreening process, professional employment application, in-person interview with a Manager, and working interview(s) with senior staff, discussing specifics of the position (pay and job descriptions) and offering jobs to qualified applicants, essential components of New Employee Orientation, using training shifts effectively, and providing clear instructions for staff trainers.

Part 2)

In this session we’ll focus on how to develop staff into “super stars” and steps you can take to retain staff as engaged members of the team. Specifically, we will discuss the following: Developing detailed job descriptions, deciding pay rates and benefits, providing a clear path for growth within the company for qualified individuals, using effective communication to improve workplace satisfaction, clear understanding of policies, meetings with coworkers and managers, uniforms or dress code, job titles, opportunities for continuing education, celebrating achievements, fun theme days for clients and staff.

Safety And Evaluations In The Daycare Space: Setting Up Staff And Dogs For Success

Amber Burckhalter

Fun and safe group play is the minimum standard for every daycare and boarding facility that offers this service. How do companies create core competencies and consistency in their staff who handle these evaluations? As play groups grow and dynamics within the groups fluctuate, how does a facility ensure safety in their playgroups above all else? For over 25 years, Amber Burckhalter, Founder and CEO of K-9 Coach, has studied canine group play and behavior. Integrating these lessons and expertise into her own company, Amber will share insights into K-9 Coach's highly successful program with a focus on employee selection and training for this important role, steps and set ups to safely evaluating dogs, is one evaluation enough - and more. Come join her for a two-hour discussion of her best practices that will include those used in over 10,000 dogs for over 15 years.

Winning Protocols For A Safe Kennel

Dr. Lisa Aumiller

In this two-hour program, immerse in a discussion of protocols for all different types of kennels with Dr. Lisa Aumiller. Lisa will cover various areas of protocols, from feeding, vaccines, to disease outbreak control. Ensure your kennel is operating safely with the proper protocols which can be customized to fit each and every kennel.