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Tuesday Programs

Cats Are Special

Lisa Aumiller

Cats are very different from dogs and their owners expect special considerations be made for their feline companions. Join Dr. Lisa as she discusses specific medical conditions and boarding considerations for our feline friends.

Communicating Effectively & Tactfully With Clients And Employees

Susan Briggs

Communication is the root of many workplace problems and this seminar will help you speak honestly and confidently. Anyone that manages staff or communicates with clients will benefit from this refresher on people skills. Also included are tips on giving constructive criticism and feedback without creating conflict.

Crucial Components Of Your Kennel Building Design

Scott Learned

Four walls and a roof are just the beginning; in this four-hour program, Scott will discuss some of the fine details of building new, renovating, or adding on to a boarding or daycare facility.

Hour 1) Indoor Air Quality, Odor, Disease Control & HVAC

Animal care facilities do not lend themselves to conventional design and we will explore how the mechanical engineering deviates from customary and even intuitive standards. Our discussion will include the importance of fresh air, proper humidity levels, filtration, zoning, air placement, and velocity. With proper design and maintenance any facility can be odor free and prevent the spread of disease.

Hour 2) Plumbing & Cleaning Design Considerations

Plumbing systems control the health of the kennel environment. In many cases, drainage systems are the primary source of odor and disease. These conditions are controlled through the comprehensive design of waste removal. Supply systems are equally important and generally require novel solutions to allow for adequate pressure and flow throughout a building wherein simultaneous operation of systems is common.

Hour 3) Electrical, Lighting, & Generators: Powering Your Facility

The weather is uncertain but your power supply cannot be. Let’s discuss how to wire your facility so that when the power goes out, your business continues to operate. We will also review the importance of specialized lighting, IT connections, generator options, and the associated costs.

Hour 4) Fire Protection & Security

When you cannot teach your clients to open their cage and evacuate to the nearest exit, then a fire sprinkler system should be considered. Life-saving fire protection is crucial in an overnight boarding situation. We will take a look at early warning fire alarms, suppression, sprinkler systems and how these systems should be specialized for animal care. We will discuss different construction types and the impact on fire safety, and also a variety of security procedures.

How To NOT Get Bitten By A Dog

Fernando Camacho

Most dog bites are actually our fault - not the dogs. Learn exactly what you need to do to create good interactions with dogs that encourage positive encounters and keep all those pointy teeth off you. Fern will show you how to recognize the warning signs and set up the situation so that dogs don't get into a position they shouldn't be in.

The Reactive Dog

Robin Bennett

What do you do with reactive dogs? Can you help them in a group play setting? In this seminar, Robin will discuss the ways to set up a reactive dog class that can help owners learn how to teach their dogs to relax in the presence of other dogs. Tips for dealing with a dog that barks, lunges and pulls when he sees another dog, how to teach dog owners to refocus their dog using safe, humane, dog-friendly methods based on classical conditioning, and desensitization will all be covered.

You Deserve Some Help: Building The Perfect Staff

Doug Duncan

From finding and hiring the right people, to training and reviews, Doug Duncan of dog*tec shares practical, hands-on tips for building a productive team culture for your business. He’ll discuss how to know when it’s time to hire, how to find the right people for the job, and the hiring process itself. Once you’ve got help, you want to get the most from your growing business. So Doug looks at strategies for creating a positive staff culture (or fixing one that’s gone sour), including staff training do’s and don’ts, reviews that actually work, and ways to reduce chaos-inducing turnover. Whether you’re ready for some help, or would like to get more from the help you already have, don’t miss this session.

Designing The Purrfect Cat Housing

Greg Taylor

Cats are finally receiving the attention they deserve! For years, the standard cat housing was a small 28” cube made from cold, loud, stainless steel. Over the past 5 years there has been a growing emphasis on rethinking this housing standard as more and more research has indicated the benefits to cats of larger living areas, more shelves, separation of food and water from living, etc. The market has responded with an ever increasing array of cat housing to address these objectives and increase boarding revenue. This presentation will focus on current trends in cat housing for pet resorts, and will cover the pros and cons of different materials; how ventilation can be incorporated into units with glass fronts or restricted airflow; modular units; cleaning issues; and of course, cost. The audience will have time at the end to ask questions.

Myth Busters! Disease And Vaccine Myths Debunked

Lisa Aumiller

Old wives tales have no place in this day and age. Come out and learn the facts about diseases and vaccines. Ten minutes before the class you will have the opportunity to write down your questions for the live and interactive portion of the Q and A. All answers not discussed in this lecture will be answered by email to all that sign up for the follow-up group email.

Understanding Dog Communication

Fernando Camacho

Learn the language of dog so you can better understand how dogs are feeling and finally know what they’ve been trying to tell you all this time. In this seminar, we will look at lots of video footage and discuss what’s going on with the dogs so you can read them better, keep them out of trouble, and make the best experience for your furry customers.

Staying Ahead: How To Thrive In This Competitive Industry

Laura Laaman

The pet industry continues to grow. However, the number of direct competitors you now have is at an all-time high. You may not hear about them, but many of your customers are likely trying online networks like, DogVacay, or local pet sitters and never coming back to you. If you don't adapt, your market share, revenues, and business value will decrease. This powerful seminar provides necessary steps to gain and keep customers in today's highly competitive market.

Take The Bite Out Of Your Business

Lisa Aumiller

Learn how to avoid workplace injury to your staff and campers. Dog fights and bites to both other pets and your employees are some of the most common reasons us mobile veterinarians get called out to kennels and daycares. Learn how to avoid these workplace injuries by learning behavior patterns to look out for and properly educating staff and owners.

Get With The Program And Ride The Technology Wave

Paula Mosteller

Technology is designed to keep you organized, automate your workday, and simplify communication. Then why do so many pet care business owners feel overwhelmed and frustrated? It doesn’t have to be that way! Learn to enjoy the ride, experience the benefits, and break free from techno-phobia! A few of the key points covered in this informative seminar are effective ways to use the reach of technology for the best impact, how to combine technology with creativity to keep clients engaged and involved, using technology correctly for the task at hand, and the advantages and limitations of technology.

Assessments: Pass, Fail Or A Learning Tool?

Teena Patel

In the animal domain, assessments have been developed to measure what the animal “is” or “has” rather than its ability to learn. As a result, animal care providers vary drastically in interpretation and opinion, which is heavily responsible for our inability to agree on the kind of care most suitable for the animal learner. In this seminar, Teena will provide some commonly used and agreed upon definitions for temperament, personality, and assessments. She will give an overview of the Assessment Framework created and used by the University of Doglando for dogs entering their Enrichment Program.